Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.3.3


  • [MYAA-1186] - Add a move issue post function and got a null pointer exceptions
  • [MYAA-1192] - Due to a residual dependency with Minyaa Workflows, Timesheet Management fails
  • [MYAA-1209] - Workload Issue Type Reports fail to display Calculated Colmuns in Flat View due a Velocity Rehression


  • [MYAA-806] - Worklog Type at Project level
  • [MYAA-1117] - I want be able to define allowed and/or denied worklog type at Workflow level (Global or by Step)


  • [MYAA-369] - I want see the default Worklog type (depending on Issue Status) proposed selected in Worklog Screens (Portlet and Page)
  • [MYAA-1198] - JIRA 5.1
  • [MYAA-1210] - Minyaa Menu Items have to be available in a new Administration Menu section
  • [MYAA-1211] - The Custom Permission "Browse Worklogs" is checked in Issue View Panel