Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.3.5


  • [MYAA-1245] - Reach Date Condition works only with Customfield Date and fails with SystemField Date
  • [MYAA-1255] - Aggregation criteria based on IssueField (Estimate, Date, Reporter) are mis-read by introspection.
  • [MYAA-1259] - On LogWork Creation (done by delegation), "Workers" and "All Workers" fields are not updated
  • [MYAA-1262] - Wokflow Action is not functional from show saved filter dashboard.
  • [MYAA-1270] - Workload Reports Configuration is broken with 5.2
  • [MYAA-1273] - On LogWork deletion, "All Worker" fields are not updated
  • [MYAA-1274] - On LogWork Update, "All Worker" fields are not updated
  • [MYAA-1278] - Minyaa Project is currently broken and need a deep improvement


  • [MYAA-1267] - Migration fro JIRA 5.2
  • [MYAA-1271] - I want be able to access to all predefined reports

Support Request

  • [MYAA-1246] - timesheet IE issues on Administration


  • [MYAA-1275] - Different Clean Code action
  • [MYAA-1279] - Most of Minyaa Validator perform the argument initialisation 2 times due the Abstract ATransitionValidator


  • [MYAA-1265] - Plugin Page - some modules appear to be disabled