Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.3.12


  • [MYAA-1334] - The "creating and linking to a new [Issue Type]" method reverses the link type.
  • [MYAA-1337] - Some messages in Minyaa Workflow-Function may be translated in Default Language instead of User Language
  • [MYAA-1338] - On Log Work action, the error message "" is not translated
  • [MYAA-1340] - Worklog Reports - Capture Icon for Report Configuration is missing
  • [MYAA-1341] - Some Velocity Template have not the HTML Escape disabled
  • [MYAA-1344] - Worker Customfields fails due UserComparator
  • [MYAA-1348] - Stats Transition Report ; Field "Last Executer" is display with escaped HTML
  • [MYAA-1349] - Validation Timesheet Gadget is broken when contains Worklog without Status
  • [MYAA-1350] - Extended Notification Type for Approver in Timesheet Management is broken due to "Closed APIs"
  • [MYAA-1351] - "All Worker" Customfield was currently initiated only on Stop Working event
  • [MYAA-1352] - VM Template of Condition on Estimate in Minyaa Time are provided by Minyaa Workflows !
  • [MYAA-1342] - Workflows Conditions on Original Estimate display a view message (Condition view in Workflow editor) based on Remaining Estimate
  • [MYAA-1346] - Message related unallowed deletion of Issue is not translated ""


  • [MYAA-1339] - Workflow Attribute Editor for Worklog Type should be a List box and not a Select