Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.3.4


  • [MYAA-1206] - List of Worklog Type in FastWorklog Popup contains duplication
  • [MYAA-1212] - when generate a report, the result is not correct if I enter a user group name for the 'developer' textfield.
  • [MYAA-1213] - After Minyaa installation, UPM is not working.
  • [MYAA-1215] - Tab enter problem
  • [MYAA-1216] - Extended Project Summary displays 2 times the Title
  • [MYAA-1219] - Quick Edition fails after Inline Edition
  • [MYAA-1220] - Inline Edition of User Picker fails after a Quick Edition
  • [MYAA-1221] - Inline Edit of "User Picker By Permission" fails due to a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
  • [MYAA-1226] - The module "hidden-issue-panel" introduced for managing TimeTracking section visibility was failing for JIRA earlier than 4.3
  • [MYAA-1229] - With JIRA 4.0.x, Minyaa Gadgets were broken due to REST error (Incompatibility with changes done for JIRA 4.3.+)
  • [MYAA-1230] - Workklow Attribute fails when the configuration of "Users By Workflow Step" customfield is not completed
  • [MYAA-1231] - Properties proposed by Workflows Attribute appears duplicated
  • [MYAA-1232] - Greenhopper Rapid Board throws errors in MINYAA libraries
  • [MYAA-1238] - FastWorklog DialogBox fails to open with IE 9.0
  • [MYAA-1240] - No possible to select a value in SelectBox of DialogBox Issue "Time Spent" Panel with IE 9.0
  • [MYAA-1241] - Calendar CSS is missing in Fastworklog Gadget for some of JIRA version greater than 5.0

Support Request

  • [MYAA-1199] - Issue navigating Time Spent or All activity tabs
  • [MYAA-1236] - Problems with Time plugin


  • [MYAA-1235] - Compatibility with JIRA 5.1.5, 5.1.6

Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version


  • [MYAA-1243] - Conflict of WebResource defintion causes UI problems