Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.3.8


  • [MYAA-1297] - On Worklog Type creation the Selected Project Role is not stored.
  • [MYAA-1298] - Validations on VersionSelection is broken due to a side effect of MYAA-1279 resolution
  • [MYAA-1304] - Calendar CSS are not provided correctly for JIRA 5.2.x
  • [MYAA-1305] - Under IE9, Input fields in PopUp of Fastworklog do not acquire the focus on click.
  • [MYAA-1306] - Text Searcher definition for RegExp customfield includes native Text CustomfieldType.
  • [MYAA-1308] - Dialog Popup of Worklog Tab Panel is displayed with a wrong zIndex.


  • [MYAA-1295] - Selection Count Validator on Fix Version and Affect Version has to be able to validate modified values and not only stored values
  • [MYAA-1296] - Worklog Type ediiton needs to allow to clear the "Assumed as default for" field.
  • [MYAA-1299] - CSS Review for Worklog Type and Minyaa Schemes updated for JIRA 5.x
  • [MYAA-1300] - Minyaa scheme section added in Issue Menu
  • [MYAA-1302] - Enhacement of capacities of Relate Date calculation engine (Support of Business Day and Complex operations)