Release Notes - JIRA Minyaa Suite Plugins - Version 3.1


  • [MYAA-976] - When entering a new worklog with the portlet for a fast worklog, then the date widget is transparent
  • [MYAA-979] - Delegate Log Work Permission is always evaluate on Worklog Correction from Gadget ...
  • [MYAA-980] - Rendering of Aggregation Report Node from AJAX Call fails due to HTTPRequest missing in Context
  • [MYAA-983] - Minyaa Workflow Designer broken due JRA-24760
  • [MYAA-984] - With JIRA 4.4-m5, Rendering for Gadget FastWorklog fails
  • [MYAA-985] - Character ")" is rendered in top of Extended Log Work Page
  • [MYAA-987] - On License Registration, if the concerned Plugin does not required to install file, the ConsistencyChecker is not launched, and added entites are applied
  • [MYAA-988] - Node Aggregation fails in Minyaa Time Reports for special use case
  • [MYAA-993] - Minyaa Service based on ARequestService (Auto-Transition Service, Timesheet Service) do no run due to ConsistencyChecker when Minyaa Plugin are not all allowed
  • [MYAA-994] - Worklflow Meta-Attribute selector for Step fails
  • [MYAA-998] - If Step has no properties, the section is not shown, then no Icon is available to add new properties
  • [MYAA-1000] - In Workload Report, the aggregation on linked entities (Component, Versions, and Fix Versions) is not done if the Issue has more than 1 entities
  • [MYAA-1006] - On License Check, if the license is expired the instantiation of LicenseCheckException fails due to an i18n failure in Throwable class
  • [MYAA-1007] - On License Check, if the license is expired some stacktrace the of LicenseCheckException fail due to an i18n failure
  • [MYAA-1008] - Installation linked to a License Key for a Minyaa Edition, when another Minyaa Edition has an expiring license


  • [MYAA-991] - I want be able to disable or change the comment stored on Auto Transition.
  • [MYAA-996] - Consistency Checker Job raise too much warning related to not reigstered Editions


  • [MYAA-897] - Licence Developper !
  • [MYAA-933] - Extended User Picker (By Group, Role & Permission) have to extend default User Picker in order to be usable in Permission Scheme
  • [MYAA-977] - JIRA 4.4-m5 Migration
  • [MYAA-989] - When transitioning an Issue, I want be able to fire an Auto Transition evaluation for other Issues identified by Link Type (SubTask, ...)
  • [MYAA-990] - When transitioning an Issue, I want be able to transition Sub Task (action identified by Id). Enhancement of TransitionSubtasksFunction (Atlassian Plugin)
  • [MYAA-1002] - As Workflow Designer, I want to qualify a Transition as an Automatic Action
  • [MYAA-1003] - As Workflow Designer, I want to qualify a Transition as an Auto-Transition


  • [MYAA-978] - Show Worklog Permission broken with JIRA 4.4. Timetracking Module moved as WebPanel
  • [MYAA-999] - JIRA 4.4-EAP comes with a patched sitemesh that break Workflow Designer (
  • [MYAA-1004] - Preparation Release 3.1 (Documentation Clean-up, ...)